As a child, I loved to go down to the Missouri River.  As you pass through our small town, you see signs that direct you to the river.  The Missouri River can be seen from my parents farm/ranch, and to go to the river usually meant a break from school to refresh, relax, and enjoy with friends and family.  We always said let’s go down to the river… since it was (down hill) on highway 1806 where the views are breathtaking!  To this day, the river is a place our family goes for reunions, and it’s a place where memories are made.  The summer before our 2 oldest boy’s left for college, we made one last trip home to spend time with our family at the river.  We enjoyed boating, 4 wheeling, and spending time together.  Each and every summer we plan a trip to enjoy family and fun at the river.

The river was always that bountiful source to release, let go, and have a little fun.  It was that place were your troubles were taken away by the tides.  Just as the tides rise, they fall.  I once had a dream where I was falling down from the sky.  At first I was scared, and then I just let go and let myself free fall.  I’m sure that’s the feeling you get when you jump out of an airplane.  You let go to free fall, knowing that when the time is right, you’ll pull the parachute cord for a safe landing.  That’s how this dream felt that I had twice back to back.  I realized later that I was falling downward to serve, downward to let go of self, downward to help others, and downward to humility.  When we go down to the river back home, I feel that same feeling where the doves guide me back to peace, where the crystal clear waters clean us of our past, and where new life can be found.

When you fall downward, you actually rise up.  You go to this place that where no matter what happens, you know someone else is going to catch you to break your fall.  Song~Down to the River~Like a tide, it is rising up deep inside a current that moves and makes you come alive…living water that brings the dead to life.  Rise up in amazing grace and be changed.