Money, Power, & Control…the perfect storm!  When we use any one in a negative way, they create destruction and destroy anything in their path.  However, when the 3 are combined they create the PERFECT STORM!   As the wind howls it creates thunder and lightening that light up the dark midnight sky.  As the ominous black clouds come rolling in, darkness takes over and we are caught in the eye of the storm!  The strong hurricane winds force the rain sideways, and the rain falls from the sky in a sea of turbulence.  

Storms can be defined as just that…STORMS.   When they are used to describe our lives, our world, and a state of being they are much more personal.  Just as the hurricane swirls in a circle, we feel the pull downward to the eye of the storm.  The mighty negative force of the water leaves us feeling helpless and wondering when the storm will ever end?  

Then it happens…a flicker of light from a piece of wood that was thought to be out, sparks in the night to create a roaring fire a 4 am!  A dream from above shines light on a situation that was being neglected, and just with any storm of destruction and havoc…healing can begin.   The darker the night, the brighter the stars…Fyodor Dostoyevsky