A sister’s love is constant, is true, is nurturing, is kind, is thoughtful, and is always there.  My sister is also my best friend.  She’s that person I ask for advice, I share my concerns, my joys, and my life with.  A sister is so much more than someone who I fought with as a kid, who I laugh and cry with, and who I rely on.  My sister knows me better than I know myself, and to have that type of relationship with my sister is one that I’m so grateful for!  To my sister, my best friend.  She is a selfless friend to all, who is a helper to those in need, who shares her compassion with others, and who always looks to others needs before herself.  My sister, my hero… If we could all be like my sister the world would be filled with peace, love, care, and true compassion from her big heart that beats with LOVE.  She is true beauty from the inside out!