Have you ever been lifted up by someone’s smile, honest eye contact, handshake, or compliment?  Do you have a strong sense for someone’s attitude before they are able to speak a word?  Our body language sends out a signal in the way we project ourselves to others.  Our body language is similar to the soft outside cover of a mystery novel.  Our body is the gateway, or outer cover, to a much deeper story hidden within.

Do you ever wish you could just pick up the phone and dial back to your younger self to give advice?  I saw a movie recently where they pretended to travel back in time via picking up the phone to call their younger self.  To tell them the wisdom they’ve learned through the pain in their past life.  To comfort them, and tell them that sometimes we have to go through pain and hardship to grow, change, and become transformed.  Truly, it is the best gift I have ever received!  Past struggles have changed who I am today, how I view others, and how Mercy has embedded itself in the depths of my heart muscle.

Rays of Refection…Do you allow other people to see what you feel on the inside?  Do you project, with your body language, rays of light in your positive attitude and gratitude?  Do you look in the mirror and let your rays of light shine unto others, or do you stay stuck in your past hardships?  We all have storms, but as with many storms, you’ll smile when you see beams of light pouring down from the clouds.  God’s light is always reflecting in us, out of us, and on us.  Project your inner mystery light outward to shine for others to pass along.  It’s free, and will make our world a better place to live in.  I’m reminded of how Jesus was a keeper of light even with all his pain.  The sacred heart picture I have of Jesus says a lot to me.  His heart is bound with thorns, a tear drop of blood pours down his heart, but surrounded by his heart are still rays of light reflecting and beaming outward to us.  We can learn a lot from our trials and suffering, and still beam with light even if our past hasn’t always been sunshine and roses.  Light…be it, feel it, reflect it, share it, and let it transform you out of your past…it will release you.