Recently, I had a meeting with a social media friend…as you can see from the image below we did not agree at all about what my business is about!   I posted the first image on social media with the title…Truth or Deny, and stated that I was going to change what others were going to see out of ME…out of me?  I thought to myself… I’m not a Pastor so I can’t respond with, All the Glory goes to God!  No, that won’t work with a business, that won’t work for someone who hasn’t read all the bible yet, and that certainly won’t work for ME!  I then started to ponder our meeting, her laughter at me, and decided that she might be a tiny bit right…

The tiny, but huge part of this story is how clay can be molded into different shapes with motion, water, and delicate hands to shape and form the clay into something unique and different.  God is in motion through us…he uses all of us for his purposes even if we don’t realize it.  Even if on the outside we don’t play the role of Christian, he is still working in all of us.  Just as clay is formed, we too are formed with our life motion and how we engage with each other, how we connect with one another, how we pray for each other, and how we truly care for one another.  That is motion…that is love in motion.  The water is basic to our survival…and since most of our body is water, we are reminded when others do not have clean water to drink.  We are reminded that the water of life is in baptism and new beginnings.  Finally, the delicate hands that shape and mold us are the same hands that hold us up throughout our entire lives!

My points to ponder… are just that (see 5 important lessons picture below).  Even though I don’t want to give much credit to myself for my business, I understand that to be OPEN means that I’m the lead in the pencil, I might leave a mark on my children, I can erase my past mistakes if I ask for forgiveness, the passion inside of me tries to come out with God’s breath, my past pain has only made me stronger and wiser, I don’t have to be the best at anything, but I do need someone to guide and hold me.  That’s where I say…all the Glory is to God!