slide-018Are you a lost star trying to light up the dark, or one that illuminates brightly in the night sky?  My husband and I recently watched the movie Begin Again, and the movie resonated with healing.  Healing of multiple relationships while working together on one project filled with meaning and purpose.  Where pain embodied their relationships, and hurt took over their lives to try and keep them in chains of hardship.

It reminded me of how one can hit edit /undo on the computer to go back if we don’t like what we’ve previously done.  Edit/undo that mistake, edit undo those words that just came out of my mouth, edit undo my past hurts, edit undo my past anger, edit undo the times I didn’t stand up, edit undo…..fill in the blank….past regrets are just that…REGRETS and a PAST that’s over….done with, but if we hang onto the past then we are like stars lost in the dark.

Bring your star to light again, bring a vibrant bright twinkle to the sky, and illuminate with great magnitude by hitting edit/undo to your past life to forgive, to heal, to BEGIN AGAIN and to align together for a common purpose of oneness.  Fill the galaxy with light and meaning, not nothingness and black mass filled with lost souls.  Turn your life page, and find a new ending.

Song from Adam Levine…Lost stars in the movie Begin Again.