Mother’s Day is May 8th!  What does your mom mean to you?  A mother’s love is filled with so many components that until you experience it for yourself, one doesn’t understand the depth of love that a mother has for her children.  We love, we protect, we support, we encourage, we apply bandaids, we discipline, we lead, we plant seeds in their minds of success, we listen, we offer advice, and we are always there no matter what life brings.   A mother’s selfless love is like no other love we encounter in our lifetime.   It doesn’t matter if you’re a stay at home mom, a working mom, or just mom.  The bond between a mother and child is tightly woven with love and support.   Think of Infinite Links this Mother’s Day, and custom engrave her name or special message as a forever keepsake gift.  Shop Now!

Mother Tereasa:  Life is an opportunity, benefit from it.  Life is a beauty, admire it.   Life is a dream, realize it.  Life is a challenge,  meet it.  Life is a duty, complete it.  Life is a game, play it.  Life is a promise, fulfill it.  Life is sorrow, overcome it.  Life is a song, sing it.  Life is a struggle, accept it.  Life is a tragedy, confront it.  Life is an adventure, dare it.  Life is luck, make it.  Life is life, fight for it!