In this season of Thanksgiving and Gratitude, I’m always reminded that gratitude drives my life. Showing gratitude to others really stands out in today’s inward selfish ways. As we wonder why life doesn’t work for us, are we grateful or resentful? Being grateful is a virtue and does not come easily. If we are grateful through anything that life decides to throw at us, we can be:

The Shine in the Sun

The Rainbow in the Storm

The Peace in the Battle

The Tear in Forgiveness

The Scent in the Flower

The Spark in the Fire

The Joy in the Laughter

The Blessing in a Prayer

The Spirit in the Wind

The Green in Alive

The Love in a Heartbeat

And the Hope in Forever…these all flooded me yesterday to write down and share with others. May your gratitude be the anchor in your storm, may it be the smile in your life, and may you always be filled with gratitude in all seasons of life.