Anchors…What would you consider the anchors in your life to be?  What if these 3 red circles where the anchors that keep your life grounded?  How would you treat them?  Would you line them up WITHOUT connecting and interlocking them together & treat them as mutually exclusive to each other?   Would you LINK two together, and determine they cannot function without each other?   Or, would you determine that linking all three together has a cause and effect in every part of your life.  I have determined that every aspect of my life is connected in one way or another to each other.   My circles interconnect to serve a purpose for my life.  One cannot function without the other.  What are your circles?  Are they family, friends, & faith?   Think about it, and determine what 3 things in your life mean the most to you.  Keep them joined and interwoven together to create the most out of your life!