Springtime is here!  After the snow has melted and the bitter cold days have passed, we see new life again.  As I walk in nature with friends, I see blossoms everywhere.  The trees are beginning to bud, the flowers have peaked from the ground, and the birds glide through the air singing their beautiful songs.   Every year it amazes and inspires me how we transform from brown dormant grass, stick trees, and zero flowers to ultimate beauty and life!  It reminds me of a song I wrote last year called Bloom, and it still replays in my quiet space from time to time.  The chorus goes like this:  Our lives are like a flower, we bloom and die too soon… With every fragile petal, our beauty is revealed.  Our beauty is revealed.

Flowers have such a major impact on our lives, and were another piece of the puzzle for creating Infinite Links.  To honor and celebrate life events. Flowers make us smile, make us feel special/ loved, and add warmth to any room.  They are a symbol of beauty, life, and something everyone admires.  Flowers capture life…our lives in the happy and sad times, for celebration, for uplifting someone who is down, and giving someone hope when they are struggling with a disease or disability.  Flowers are like unspoken light… that when given, the person lights up and smiles.

I think our lives are like a flower.  We start out a bud in the ground (baby in the womb).  With sunshine and rain, we sprout and grow to produce a beautiful flower that our parents adore.  Our petals reveal beauty, grace, patience, hope, and life.  We bloom, and keep re-blooming every year as we grow.  As we get older, we grow wisdom and begin to realize our time on earth is very short.  The good news is even though we bloom and die too soon, we can live on forever… Come into full bloom with your life, and give your children the gift to bloom to the fullest.   Isaiah 40:8  The grass withers, the flowers fade, but the word of our God stands forever.