May this season be filled with positive change where you transform like the leaf into beauty and color! Life is filled with Seasons…as we move into a new season, remind yourself that it’s okay to open a new chapter in your Book of Life. Life is not meant to be lived stuck on a page that never changes or challenges us. Nor is life meant to be lived with regrets of why things happened in the past. Turning the page is healthy, rewarding, and exciting!

As the leaves blow and twirl in the air, and the trees dance in the wind, I’m reminded of my mom. Once upon a time she referred to the wind being so strong that the trees were dancing. I had never heard that before, and it touched my heart deeply. Like the tree, we all have deep family roots…these roots continue to grow and become interwoven together. Our family tree will continue to be blessed, and grow little acorn nests. The stories we pass on for generations to come will weave roots in heaven.