How can we grow branches to form a heart sharing love? It doesn’t start with a gift on Valentine’s Day, to withhold love the rest of the year. Love is not something you give away to bargain either. Love does not work in ways that are selfish, self-serving, nor with strings attached.

To grow branches with strong trunks anchored deep in the ground, we must love unconditionally. When we love unconditionally, we do not judge what others do. Unconditional love means that no matter what we do, we will always be loved. We can seek to have perfect love, but we fail. When we remind ourselves that love is something we give, we can be rich in our hearts. A love shared, is a love that multiples and grows a generational tree of life. This tree is filled with green leaves that continue to grow branches of selfless love. May we all share selfless love, and take note on how the person receiving it responds.