Each week I wonder what words of inspiration will come to share with you.  In our busy lives to get to the next thing, I wonder if any people are actually touched, connected, inspired, feel hope and comfort in the words that are typed out in this blog?  In typing these first two sentences, my answer has arrived.  I have discovered in all my efforts for others to hear my voice in words, that none of it matters.  I’m sure that was the last thing you thought you’d hear since I’ve poured out my heart some weeks.  Let me put it another way…these inspiring words that bubble up to the surface have helped myself heal, change, love, grow, and become who I am today.  I’ve shared some life experiences of my past struggles, pain, lessons learned, finding hope when I didn’t think there was any left, comfort in gratitude when I didn’t have much to be grateful about, and loving through the tough times and pain.

If my words can flow like a river down from the mountain top and touch just one person, then one is enough (even if that one is myself).  I hope my testimony teaches that perfection keeps us down under a heavy weight, having a strong faith without breathing out love doesn’t bear fruit, trying to control anything in our lives puts love in confinement, reacting with fear breads insecurity, lack of gratitude keeps one selfish, focusing on past mistakes and failures keeps you re-living them, failing to forgive someone only hurts yourself, finding peace comes in things not of this world, humility is a strength and not a weakness, hope is a burning flame that can never be put out, reminding oneself that nothing is about them, and trying to run before you can walk only freezes you to a fantasy in the future.  Stay in the present where you walk one day at a time on a firm foundation instead of slippery ice.

Don’t walk on a surface that’s uncertain from Jeremy Camp.  Song ~ Let it Fade.

WALK AS ONE…with each breath being LOVE