How do you view chains? The HEAVY interlocking chains that connect together to weigh us down in life. Chains are symbolic to our past where we have a difficult time letting go of our pain…Pain comes in many forms for each of us as we experience life. A pain body is an event that triggers a response from our past. We react to a situation based on how we reacted when the pain body was created. What does this all mean?

As we go through life, we need to deal with our past and our pain. We cannot get out of this life without experiencing some type of deep rooted pain. It is what you choose to do with the pain that matters. Do you let your pain choke out your heart to love and feel in life? Do you let your pain harden your heart to protect it from any future pain? Do you create a toxic environment for those around you since you want them to suffer too?

Pain is a product of LIFE…none of us are going to avoid it. Choose to do something good with your pain, and help someone else heal from their past. Even a simple blog can change a perspective in a person, or open up an awareness that they need to deal with their pain. Break the chains of your past once and for all, and FLY freely without the weight of chains.