If you could turn the page in your book of life to read the next chapter, would you? Our lives are a story made up of pages, chapters, books, seasons, moments, memories, & decades. As I reflect back on my early life story, I’m reminded that during those times I was living life with my eyes closed. It was easy to live life this way… I strived like most young adults out of college to get my career going. I thought it was expected of me after graduating from college, and the responsible thing to do. So I worked really hard to climb the corporate ladder to find emptiness in the climb. With each step in the climb, I soon found out that my labor was not labor of love, but rather labor for the company to prosper and for the almighty dollar.

After living life with my eyes closed for so many years, the storms of life decided to rain down on me with hurricane force winds that put me in a state of disbelief. I played the, “Why me Lord”? card but it didn’t help for many, many, years. I was angry, bitter, and my heart was hard from the struggle. I was L O S T… Lost in where is my chapter of happiness, joy, love, living life full of laughter and purpose? It was buried in chapters to come thank goodness, but I didn’t see that at the time.

The future chapters are here now as I live my life knowing that my compass is not found in a device. My striving is not for likes or loves on social media or to sell tons of products, but rather to help others find peace, comfort, hope, and lessons in life. My map of life is not laid out for me with my destinations of where I’ll be traveling next. My glasses are folded as my eyes are wide open now, and even when the darkness comes my candle light will always guide me to where I need to go next. One minute at a time… May you reflect back on your life and see all the lessons you’ve learned during the struggle were for you to heal, restore, and learn from your mistakes. You now can be reminded of how Joy comes every morning if you’ll let it.