Christmas… new traditions sometimes begin out of hardships.

To Mom, our family anchor. Have you ever sat back, and really thought about what it takes to get everyone together for the holidays? Our family is so large now that it’s almost impossible to get everyone together at the same time. Our Mom continues to try her best, against many odds. More odds than one would imagine with macular degeneration. Our Mom is to the point she can’t see to shop for Christmas presents, wrap presents, or even write out a check to pay for them. Instead of making this frustrate her, she’s turned our Christmas into a New Tradition this year. No gifts! What a wonderful gift our Mother has given us all.  Less stress, and a lesson that the season isn’t about the presents, sending cards, parties, and making cookies, but rather what we give one another in life lessons.  A true lesson comes sometimes from hardships, so even with all the gloomy days lately, the sun will shine if you let it.  Song from Kutless, What Faith Can Do...   The sun will soon be shining, you’ve got to face the clouds to find the silver lining.