What comforts you when you lose someone you deeply love?  Does just the supportive presence from a loved one comfort you?  How about when someone tells you they are in a better place?  We all grieve and mourn differently.  Some of us go inside our hearts to cry alone, some of us scream an outward display of emotion that we cannot contain, and some of us have a difficult time moving from grief to remembrance.  As we try to move from grief to remembrance and celebrate life, Psalm 23 is a great comfort to our grieving souls…  The Vase of Life captures your life with meaning, and gives you a forever keepsake of your loved one.  After the flowers fade away, our links can be applied to Plants or Urns from your loved one’s funeral.  As we remember they are in a better place where peace resides, and final rest is found.  Boesen the Florist captures all your life moments with the Vase of Life.   Boesen the Florist