Does anyone or anything comfort you when someone close to you passes away? Are others awkward when trying to comfort you? I recently attended my Uncle’s funeral, and the guest speaker put comfort in perspective. He talked about when someone is grieving, it is extremely difficult to comfort a hurting heart. He said the best thing to do is just be quiet and offer genuine hugs of comfort and support.

Grief is DEEP. Grief can show up in unexpected places of storehouse memories we hold. An old memory of our loved one is a reminder of the painful loss as our hearts flex to heal. As with any healing, others have a hard time with grief and what to say. After being in the funeral industry for several years, I was inspired to write prayer bookmarks that flooded me with a desire to comfort. My Wrapped in Light candles offer a keepsake of your loved one, and my bookmarks offer words of comfort.

Our family is like the might oak. It starts with a tiny acorn, and continues to grow strong. As time passes, some limbs fall from the family tree. It is in these times we realize family is precious! As our hearts grieve to say goodbye, we are comforted knowing our family tree will continue to be blessed, and grow little acorn nests. Keep staying strong, and tell stories of my life when I’m gone…for our family tree will weave roots in heaven. Until we meet again. Products on grief and Loving Memory.