Creation to the Cross or other well known sayings…Beginning and the End, Alpha and the Omega, Life and Death.   This took on a surreal meaning for my family this past weekend.  I received the dreaded phone call from Mom telling me my first cousin Will died unexpectedly, and the memories of his family began to flood my mind like tidal waves.  Our families were close, then like many large families, time and life separates us like stars in the galaxy.  We know they are out there, but are so far away and not within reach.   None of that mattered, as I held onto my memories of my cousin Will, and traveled to pay my last respects.

As I approached the church, I greeted my cousin Wes with a big hug of sorrowful regret.   After many hugs to long lost family members, and viewing the pictures of Will’s life, it was time to enter the church.  The service was a beautiful melody of music, heartfelt words of Will and how he was a leader, a guy who loved to take things apart and put them back together, a servant, and a pilot.  As I listened to the painful testimonials of Will, one common theme seemed to emerge.  How much he wanted to help others.  His family, his community, and anyone who needed it.  He will be missed by many, and will be FOREVER remembered and loved.

Most of us have experienced the difficult emotions we struggle with while attending a funeral, but do we ever ponder the beauty in it?  Do we think about how we will be remembered by others, and what type of an impact we had on them while we had the chance?  On this special day, I did!  You see, on this very special day of telling my cousin goodbye, it was his Birthday…In the end…we sang Happy Birthday to Will which seemed to complete the ironic nature of creation to the cross.  Rest in Peace, Will…

Infinite Links was inspired by reading the Alpha/Omega in the bible.  Each and every time I read it in the bible it would tug at my heart, and I wanted the line to capture our life moments, down to the end.  That is why the song Your Grace Finds me is a perfect tribute to my cousin Will.  You can find the song and video on the home page of this website.  From the beginning of our lives (A gift from God) until the end (Forever Remembered), Infinite Links captures your life, your way.