Do we try to create our own Diamonds?  Are we really becoming what we were created to become?  A beautiful cut diamond that shimmers and shines, and is rare?  Why do they have to be rare?  Why can’t we all become the diamonds that God created us to be by fulfilling our purposes in life, and why do so few choose to actually do it?  If we choose to follow, and be led to our destiny, then we will come across great opposition from others who don’t understand.  Even those closest to us.  We will encounter a lot of challenges, strife, and pressure…but in the end, the pressure will create the diamond.  The diamond will shine, the diamond will be discovered for its value, and the diamond will be rare by today’s standards.  Did you know that diamonds are ordinary at first glance?  Their true beauty as jewels is only realized through the cutting and polishing process.  We are all ordinary, but can shine with much polishing.