Vacations are a time to relax and enjoy time away from the everyday demands of work and life…As we enjoy our time, we take photos of our special memories so why not make them a forever keepsake to treasure everyday of the year?  Turn the money from your foreign visit into magnets that hold your photos on your board.  Here’s a simple do it yourself project to capture your vacation of memories…

Step 1.  Purchase a framed picture at your local Salvation Army or Good Will store.   Spray paint or paint the frame to the color you’d prefer.

Step 2.  Go to your local menards or home depot and purchase sticky tiles to apply as your backdrop.  These run around 1.00 each.  Or just spray paint the backdrop of your color choice to save even more money.  

Step 3.  Purchase round magnets at your local Walmart or Michaels store, and glue them onto your tiles and your money from the country you’ve just visited.  Make sure the magnets ATTRACT to one another before gluing onto your board. 

Step 4.  You can either write your title vacation visit with a marker or glue letters onto your memory board of your special vacation as seen in photo. 

Step 5.  Apply your memory photos and hang on the wall to enjoy.