Do you believe when one door closes, a new door will open?  Lately, I’ve been exploring the meaningful depth behind doors.  I think back to the movie Monsters Inc.  My boys and I watched Monsters at the movie theater, and instead of using the door as a symbol of fresh new beginnings, the movie used it as a gateway to fear.  The monsters would roar to scare and frighten the kids so they would scream!  They used fear to capture the children’s screams, and then convert the noise into energy.  What an interesting way to make a kids movie—bringing to the surface one common ingredient that scares kids…Monsters!  Then, using the fear to create a by-product of energy from it.  I wonder how well received the movie would’ve been, if instead, they used monsters to roar at the kids to create laughter?  Probably would not have made as much sense, but it does pose the question…how do we view doors and their meaning?  Doors can be symbolic to a chapter in our lives that closes, or the beginning of a fresh new alive one.  Doors can remain locked if we choose not to forgive, and stay hidden in our prison walls from within.  Doors are also used as a symbol of anger when we slam them shut!  We think that will prove how angry we really are to the other person.  There…I’ve shown you!  SLAM!  I have to admit that I have done that in the past.  It didn’t get me anywhere, but it was the release I needed to get my anger out.

As adults we sometimes fear closed doors that begin to open wide with new opportunities.  Many adults like to stay comfortable, and are afraid of uncertainty…the same job, the same skills, the same social circle, the same knowledge, the same groups, the same friends, the same everything.  They view a new opportunity in fear, which throws them out of their comfort zone.  If people took the leap to try something new, then they would realize this is where we grow and change to become better.  When we get out of our comfort zone to try new things, we grow courage, strength, and character!   New doors continue to open, revolve, and old doors that are no longer useful (or in our best interest) close and go away, and unhealthy doors remain closed to protect us.  We need to TRUST with an OPEN heart the doors that are opening and closing in our lives. Trust the doors are for our protection, and will not harm us.

I’m a firm believer in doors of opportunity continually opening, while other doors close.  It’s similar to how our pastor explained reaping and sowing.  With a comforting voice she said, “God will give us seeds to sow over and over again.” It is up to us on where we want to plant them…in fertile soil that is well taken care of, or rocks and weeds where they will not survive to grow abundant fruit.  The great thing is if we throw them in rocks and weeds, he will keep giving us more seeds to throw and sow—it’s up to us to nurture them, water them, give them sunlight, and to take care of them with a heart that beats with love…where the doors of heaven open wide to greet us to eternal rest with those who have gone before us.  Attached song–Jason Gray.  Walk through the door that was made for YOU!  God put a million doors in the world for his love to walk through, and one of those doors is you…

9. Matthew 7:7-8 “Continue to ask, and God will give to you. Continue to search, and you will find. Continue to knock, and the door will open for you. Yes, whoever continues to ask will receive. Whoever continues to look will find. And whoever continues to knock will have the door opened for them.