Drop, Drop, Drop…Teardrops have a way of releasing the hurt and pain associated with losing someone we love.  We know they’re in a better place, but separation is sometimes too much for us to bear.  Our memories hold them near in the depths of our hearts, and with every teardrop we cry, we wonder why?  Why are we here, and why do we all have to die?  

My grandson lost his great grandfather this weekend, and even though I only met him once or twice my heart ached for his entire family.   I took my grandson in my arms and gave him a big hug as I prayed with him to be a comfort for the family.  He’s so small, but his genuine smile will stop the pain for just a little while.   

To answer my question on why we all have to die, I find this song “On the Other Side” one of great comfort for myself and anyone who has just lost a loved one.  While your memories have turned to teardrops, and your heart is pierced with sadness, know that it is only for a little while.  As the song sings, ” Run up ahead, and I’ll catch up!  I’m going to see you when tomorrow comes, on the other side.”  No more pain, no more goodbyes.