What do you do when crossroads appear in your life hike?  Life presents many options on our life climb.  At times, we are presented with different directions to go and might get confused with all the options.  We know what we’d like to happen, but sometimes the climb becomes so challenging that we become overwhelmed and need to reflect on a few things.  

Just like Dorothy and the yellow brick road…The road has been mapped out for her and all she has to do is walk the path.  She encounters new friends along the way to help and guide her each and every step.  She is then presented with a crossroad and meets the scarecrow.  The scarecrow doesn’t know the way to go so they finally decide on a direction to go…as they walk along they are challenged by a wicked witch, her flying monkeys, and evil trees that throw apples.  Yes, this is make believe, but it serves a point in the story.   

As we walk the path or climb the stairway, we will encounter difficulty. It IS APART of our life HIKE.  In our hike to make things better for the next generation, we may find challenges in our journey.  We may want others to grow in their lives and values when they refuse, we may want more markers as we hike so we know which way to go, or we might decide to lay down in a meadow to rest and enjoy nature’s beauty in all that it holds. 

Life is a journey…it is a hike and we never do it alone.  Rest when you need to and enjoy the beauty along your climb.  Pay attention to where you’ve been, and change your behavior if you keep getting the same results.  Life is about change, and people do change all the time.  When people say others do not change, I wonder if they are just closed off to it because they do not want to change?  Who knows, but we can only be responsible for our own actions, not others.  Rest and be still when needed in your life climb!