Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Breathe in and out the warm breeze of what feels like Spring today! Open up the windows, and the let the light shine into your soul. Feelings are just that…they take us to places that can be fools gold if we focus on negative thoughts. When we think negative thoughts, it changes our outlook on life. We begin to lose our anchor of hope, and have a hard time feeling the sun shining on our face. We doubt, we worry, we feel hopeless and our bones begin to dry up with our lack of faith.

Close your eyes again to take a deep breath of positivity. Smile and breathe in and out to let hope back into your life. Embrace the feeling of the present. Today is a day to enjoy the birds, nature, a walk outside perhaps. Enjoy all the seasons this life has to offer, and when you think positive it will make 20 below feel like your sledding down a hill of excitement! Close your eyes again, picture yourself as child by the flowing creek where the sun sparkles off the water. Carefree, innocent, filled with peace and alive in the moment. Find your positive vibe, and take time to breath in life whatever the forecast brings.