What do you deposit in your heart on a daily basis? Do you feed your heart anxiety over the election, world disaster, poverty, climate change, inflation, money, family or friend issues? _________Fill in the blank. What if we as people filled up and recharged with back to the basics thinking and acting. For some reason, people are reminded during Thanksgiving time to be grateful. Why don’t we make a deposit in our heart each and everyday to be grateful for something? Be grateful we have a home, a family, our health, others to love. 3 times a day of gratitude will do your heart wonders, and make a deposit to an improved life.

Don’t fill your heart with deposits of the past. We all make mistakes, we all stumble and fall, and we all have regrets. These just weigh us down like the weight of the world. When we focus so much on what was, we seem to forget what is right in front of us, and what is yet to come. We lose hope when we continue to live in the past, and what could’ve been. Fill your heart with the present and dreams for the future. Forgive someone and release the tension of holding onto a grudge.

When you fill your heart with love, it runs and spills over onto others through acts of kindness, compassion, gratitude, forgiveness, oneness, peace & hope. When our heart is filled with love, we can make positive deposits in others lives to help them fill their hearts with love one daily deposit at a time….LOVE, make a deposit today!