Flower Shops, Gift Shops, Realtors, Funeral Homes, and Fundraising can now have an everyday item that captures the meaning behind the gift and the life event! Wrap your flowers and gifts with a piece of your heart from our Vase of Life and Infinite Links collection.  Our collection of sentiment captures all your seasons of life!  After the flowers fade away, our links can be used on many home decor items.  Simply adjust to use on vases, plants, urns, candles, picture frames, bottles, and various home decor items.  This new category to your flower shop, gift shop, realtor office, funeral home, or fundraiser will add a meaningful touch of forever and make everlasting memories.  

Wholesale Purchasing visit- www.vaseoflife.com or www.fgmarket.com to request passcode for purchasing.  Retail Purchasing visit–www.lisazoriginals.com