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In honoring Mother’s Day, I pulled a few of my favorites together.  A brick with the word mom engraved on it that my boy’s gave me when they were little, a kitchen oil bottle since I love to cook, and the two things I cherish most of all.  My two boy’s…Jackson and Jared.   Over the years, the rock with mom on it has turned into a joke.  If you turn it upside down, it spells Wow.  Mom/Wow!  My boy’s laugh at me, and although it was always meant to be a joke when I turned the rock upside down, I think being a mom is one of the most challenging jobs out there, and more mom’s deserve a humble wow from time to time.

No one can truly prepare us to become a mom.  We can read all the books, confide in friends/doctors/our own mom’s but nothing is the same until you experience the journey for yourself.  All the wonderful memories of when they were little, cute smiles with missing teeth, laughter, bed time stories, thomas the tank, one of our favorite movies- Fluke, and tiny hands that we grabbed on so tightly to protect.  That is the one thing that a parent always wants to do is to protect and shield our children from anything that can hurt them.  We then realize we can’t put them in a bubble, and life will throw them curve balls they need to dodge, it will sting them with hurts, and it will teach them life lessons that will help them grow.  Life will shape them, situations will hurt and prune them, and mom will be there to help pick them up when they fall down.

Being a mom is a balancing act of walking on a tight rope.  Sometimes it feels like gravity pulls you off balance, and you either get to the end of your rope, or weave something beautiful out of it.  Our rope, or cord of three, is tightly woven together.  We have a bond that can never be broken, and continues to get stronger with every passing day.   Being a mom is my greatest achievement, and I look forward to teaching my grandchildren in the years to come.

Proverbs 22:6  Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

The beautiful touching song is what every parent wants for their child.   To let our love give them roots to help them find their wings, and to dare to do great things.  Being there for them whatever this life brings.