What foundations keep you ANCHORED in this world we live in today? If we look to the mighty Oak with a highway of roots running deep in the earth’s crust, we may think that is a solid foundation. We may view NEW cement as a symbol of our home on solid ground. Do we look to a windfall of money to always feel secure? Do we think because we are healthy today, that will carry us through the end of our lives?

A tornado may uproot the mighty oak, an earthquake may swallow our home, and our money may be squandered away. Our health may fail, and our money may be needed to pay for medical bills or decades of nursing homes bills… So you ask? Why should I worry about something that may never happen?

You shouldn’t…just stay anchored when your boat of life starts to toss and turn in the violent waves…stay grounded when the howling winds of the tornado threaten your house of rock, and instead of catching a net of money…catch a net of fish to help feed others who are starving for a solid foundation of truth.