Have you thought about the work that goes into planting a garden? Making sure the soil is fertile and absent of rocks & weeds. Tilling the soil to soften the dirt before seeds find their resting home is truly a labor of love. As a child, I remember helping my mom dig holes, plant seeds, and covering them with soft dirt. We watered, pulled weeds, and watched the seeds blossom to grow abundant fruit & vegetables right before our eyes!

As a child, I learned that by planting seeds and walking through the garden, I grew responsibility to work.  We knew that anything worthwhile needed to be nurtured and taken care of to reap rewards, and we learned that a family that works together also bonds together.  A family that helps each other for the family unit is ONENESS.  Remember that bountiful things in this life come at a cost.  If one does not pull weeds they may take over the garden, if you neglect to water your garden you may suffer to bear fruit, if you bear so much fruit and become greedy you might damage relationships. If you work too much, and not enjoy living your relationships might suffer, and if you walk through your garden without sowing any love into your labor, you might bear resentment, bitterness, and weeds that may take over your garden and choke out any goodness you’ve tried to plant in the first place!

Sow love… reap joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control… and pass it down for generations to come.