To the class of 2015… Memories, photos, and special moments are what make graduation special for years to come.  Make your graduation one to remember with this simple idea for your parties. Take a cylinder vase (you can purchase them at dollar tree) and take 2 photos of your graduate.  Take double sided tape and tape the pictures together so they show up on the front and back of the cylinder vase.  Add your favorite imitation flower with your school colors, an Infinite Link with your Graduate’s name, the year they graduated, or any special message to your child.  Enjoy this time with your child as they spread their wings and fly!  Tears, laughter, and a new life chapter happens for the entire family.  It’s okay to grieve, and feel part of your heart missing…just remember your child is holding it to pass onto their children.   Pack their suitcases with life lessons to love, aspire, grow, dare to be different, and success.  Always…remember to welcome them home—touching song about leaving home, and welcoming your children home after they leave.