As a human being, we cannot escape the undercurrent grief wave that pulls us down and takes our breath away. Just as I type these words on the page, I’m experiencing the loss of a dear friend. This friend and I go back to meeting in church when our children were little, where we connected and stayed friends for over 20 years. The layers of grief one goes through with unexpected loss is one of WHY, GOD? Why did this happen to my friend who was such a bright light for everyone she met? Why her God, why now? As I question God, I know we will not know the answer this side of heaven. I do know my friend was a true Gift from God for others to see how she made such a positive impact on all who met her. I will miss her, I pray for her family to not ride the grief wave for long, and to be emerged in the waters of healing.

Inspired awhile ago from working in the funeral industry, I decided to design and write prayer cards. One afternoon my heart poured out several regarding grief. As I read this today, it is almost as God put the words in my heart to help me today with the grief of my friend since this is exactly how I feel…. Rest In Peace Friend…you will be forever in my heart.

Waves of grief fall on me…

Waves of grief engulf me, and remind me of storms in troubled waters.

Waves of grief flood my heart and soul.

Waves of grief crush my spirit.

Waves of grief begin to be calmed by the hand.

Waves of grief are healing in the waters.

Waves of grief go out with the tide.

Waves of grief subside, and remind me that we are FOREVER ALIVE!