How can we as people be more grateful and filled with gratitude? If only they made healthy gratitude seeds we could eat like sunflower seeds, LOL! To become grateful, in any circumstance, requires a change in thoughts and behavior. My gratitude journey started when I was at a very low point in my life, and nothing seemed to be going right. I could’ve easily went down the path of feeling sorry for myself and thinking negative, but did quite the opposite.

Each and everyday I would be aware of 3 things I was grateful for, and I started journaling these gratitude moments in my day. As I continued to journal, my 3 entries led to pages of positive gratitude overtime. This started a shift in my life, thoughts, and eventually the way I have been transformed today. Do you happen meet people that are grateful when they don’t have anything to be grateful for? Do they make an impact on you to try and be better about your attitude? It truly is an attitude of gratitude.

An attitude of gratitude will grow LOVE in your life.

An attitude of gratitude with grow POSITIVITY in your life.

An attitude of gratitude will GUIDE you where you wish to go.

An attitude of gratitude is always your ANCHOR in any life storm you encounter.

An attitude of gratitude is a seed that continues to grow healing, hope, grace, oneness, and new life filled with being grateful in all things. May we all find daily gratitude, and change our lives to grow seeds of gratitude to be sown for future generations.