Is your heart broken? Does it ache with sorrow? To feel pain isn’t fun, but necessary for growth in life. Growth can only happen with pain, why? If we were never get hurt, then we wouldn’t need to change our behaviors to correct our actions for the future. Typically pain of the heart is different than physical pain. Pain of the heart happens when we grieve a loved one, go through a divorce or breakup, lose a job, or our health declines. These are only a few, and they are different for each generation.

How do we heal from a broken heart? My healing started as I grew in my faith. Once I understood what forgiveness means, it was much easier to forgive those who hurt me from my past. As the crack in my heart began to be sewn back together, I found a new peace in being broken. Being broken is a reminder that forgiveness has one action word that we all need. For GIVE ness… GIVE yourself the GIFT of forgiveness when you forgive someone else. The light will shine back in your hardened heart, you will hear the birds singing again, a new freedom of hope will emerge as one door closes and a new one opens, and you will be reminded that pruning is necessary for growth…so do yourself a favor, forgive someone today and you may find it was the best gift you ever gave yourself.