Does your heart beat a purpose that you may not understand? As one starts a new business, a vision of where the business should go appears. A business plan…as the plan unfolds, we realize a plan is just a plan that gets changed many times over as we continue to grow and find new opportunities. These new opportunities open the door for new products, new connections, and new ways to view progress even a decade later.

To learn a smile is behind a company logo, a personality of positivity beams from a business card, and how you treat a client is a feeling that is never forgotten. Take time for your business to find it’s niche, especially if it is brand new trying to travel a road never traveled before. This road is sometimes bumpy as we try new things that find success and failure. Continue to pick yourself up with defeat…Defeat is short-term, as passion makes its way back to re-energize and light back up the path that may go dim.

As you continue down your business road, be certain to stay optimistic, passionate, and never give up! If you keep hitting roadblocks, then either find a way around the block, or wait until a clearer path is exposed. To live a heart of purpose is never an easy thing to do, nor is it something to take light hearted… Happy Valentine’s Day!