We all know what a heart is and that it’s nestled deep in our chest.  Have you ever questioned that about your soul?  Where is the soul ?  Is the soul the size of our heart or something much larger? Does the soul serve a purpose?  The internet with all its infinite 


 wisdom, cannot answer these questions without hesitation.  

A soul, like a being, has feelings.  A soul feels when someone is truly grateful for the help they just received. A soul is an inner tug to reach out to someone we care about to check on them.  A soul is our navigation system to keep us on track.  A soul listens when our name is called, and remains peaceful in times of adversity and uncertainty. A soul is the keeper of love…
What we all hope for is our souls are a volcanic eruption 🌋 that overflows with new life.  New life that unites in love, new life that heals the broken, new life in forgiveness, new life in darkness, and new life that grows peace and trust in a world of much uncertainty.