When does your heart turn to flame?  One would guess we are all born that way.  As I watch my grandson play and interact with smiles and giggles, he doesn’t have any idea about the world we live in yet.  He looks deep in your eyes and connects with gazes of love…When does it happen that we lose the flame?  

Once we begin to grow and surround ourselves with others, we are exposed to situations that will injure our hearts.  If we don’t remember to forgive and let go, then that injured heart will break to become broken.  Once the heart is broken, it reacts in different ways to protect it.  Just like any animal, we too have defensive mechanisms we use with our heart.  An injured heart can respond in different ways once the flame has been covered up by hurt.  It may lash out at others, it may be quiet and turn inwards, it may be full of hate and anger as we see today with terror attacks, or it might run and hide for fear of feeling love again.  

I strongly believe in nurture vs. nature.   If a child is loved and taught to forgive at a young age he is less likely to lose his flame.  If his parents teach him to always be grateful and kind he is more likely to continue down the path to love.  If he has a deep rooted faith from his beginnings and is influenced by others of strong faith, he can hold his flame high when darkness appears.  He can forgive to heal his heart quickly so he can be kind to those who have hurt him.  He will always be grateful for those who’ve shown him how to love first and last, and he will remain hopeful in the darkest days.  He will be filled with a LOVE that will continue for generations to come, and be filled with hearts on FIRE…Find your flame again…forgive someone today so you can heal and love again. Pass the eternal flame in your family and keep it burning forever!