Does the hand of GRIEF take you to places you’ve never been before? Grief has a way of choking out Joy in our lives, leaving us in the pit of sorrow. Grief is like riding a tidal wave, and you don’t know when it’s going to come crashing down. Grief finds us trying to hide, but memories keep it alive and raw. Grief has no timeline, for the time one grieves is their own personal journey. Grief doesn’t care the season is Spring, where new flowers sprout in bountiful color and scent. Grief is a heavy burden that we want to shake off and be normal again. Grief doesn’t care about tears, sorrow, or sadness.

My Mom was my best friend. I miss her everyday, and the reminder of her love and PEACE she wanted for us all. To love is to experience the raw cut of grief. Grief reminds us that if we didn’t love deeply, then Grief would be a cotton puff blowing in the wind never to return. We all must experience grief in our lives, it is in the way we honor and remember our loved ones that slowly takes the sting out of death. Thanks for being my Angel here on earth, and now in heaven. Rest in eternal grace, and watch over us with your loving hand of freedom free from pain and suffering.