Helping others… For some, it is a burning desire.  For others, some care more about how they can improve their own selfish wants.  More money, bigger house, endless vacations.  When you fill yourself up with YOU, then you miss out on true happiness and living.  Do you try to fill your void inside with buying something new, sports, or other people’s approval?  When we fill ourselves with things that don’t matter, it helps for a little while, but the void deep down inside lingers like a fog that won’t clear.  It’s almost like a bottomless pit that needs fed.  We feed it with our fears of not having enough money, our insecurities in trying to keep up with our neighbors, and only worry about how we can benefit #1.  We focus so much on ourselves that we block out what we are here to do.

Helping 360…when you reach out to help someone else who is struggling, or join forces to help each other in business, it’s like a boomerang.  It comes back to you full circle when you weren’t looking for it.  Sometimes in our desires to help others without strings attached, we end up being the one that benefits more than can ever be imagined.  The benefit of helping others fills our void, makes sense out of life, and is something that we should all try to do.  Be more than imagined, more than a whisper, and fill up that void inside with helping others.   Attached inspiring song: from our Church Band, Risen… More Than Imagined for Imagine No Malaria.