Treasure…when I ponder this word, money doesn’t come to mind.   Instead, I think of a ladder.   With each step, I climb, grow, and accept change in my life.  With each step comes revelation, transformation, and a new meaning to the word Treasure.  As I continue to climb up the ladder to home, each step becomes easier, clearer, and more peaceful.

As a kid: having a treasure hunt was always fun, challenging, and competitive!  The challenge in finding a clue, and building on each clue to draw you closer to the hidden treasure was invigorating!  Perhaps, that’s why survivor is so popular on TV.   They engage their audience with the same type of game that was popular when I was a kid.  Contestants are given clues to reveal the next step, and only the strongest survive to win money in the end.  The winner has to be fit, adaptable, knowledgeable, a peacemaker, and play to win!

As a young adult: having treasure was being successful.  Working hard to make money to fill our needs, our wants, and the things that do not carry any lasting value.  Making treasure without the rainbow is selfish, fearful, greedy, and empty.  Having the wrong thoughts about treasure, and thinking money was our only security.  We thought if we had plenty of treasure then we could get through anything.

As an adult:  realizing that true treasure is found in family, healthy relationships, helping others, faith, and connecting with others at a deeper level. This deeper level was spoken so softly from a Pastor at my cousin’s funeral last week.  He said that Jerry was rich…he said not by worldly standards of money, but by the family and friends that were at his funeral.  By the love, sadness, and separation that poured out as we laid him to rest.  That’s true hidden treasure…at the end of the rainbow and your life, you’ll know that’s what makes life worth living.  People will not be at your funeral to talk about how successful you were, how much money you made, or all the things you’ve accumulated in your life.  They will reflect upon the true person you were, how you made others feel, and how you hopefully made a positive difference in the lives of others.

Listen to the unspoken clues from within…they will plot out your way…keep you safe…and guide you to the hidden treasures of your heart.

Matthew 6:19

“Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal.