What does prosperity mean to you? Do you think of success? How about wealth or power? Do you believe you’ve made it if you have prospered? Most people would equate prosperity with success in life, or business with wealth. Does wealth & success keep egos intact, and the idea that you’ve conquered something in life? Most would say YES since we live in a world where money and success rule.

I live in that world surrounded by those type of people….those type of people? What does that mean? In my world, it means if you prosper you help someone else in need. You sacrifice your time for someone else who needs it. You offer support to someone who is struggling, you pray for others, you smile at a child, you teach someone kindness, you love your family, you feed the homeless, you give money to a stranger, you cry with someone who is grieving, you keep giving in the HOPE you are able to make a meaningful difference in someone’s life….no matter how small.

To PROSPER is to give something back…it isn’t about money, power, or control…it is simply giving when you have been given hope for future generations to come… Pass on prosperity in a way that will make a difference for someone else, and keep the flowers blooming in the shining sun!