A color, I would imagine it would be green. Green reminds me of new life, of living on purpose where the grass, leaves, and trees grow. This offers a kaleidoscope view of green to the eye of the beholder.

A river, it would flow soft ripples of peace that offer a home to fish, turtles, ducks, and other wildlife.

A gift, it would be sharing your talents and treasures with others.

A heart, it would beat drops of love to others.

A tear, it would be shed with JOY!

A tree, it would grow deep roots in the ground and sprout new limbs as it grows into the tree of life.

A wound, it would heal the hardened heart and melt it to love again.

A rose, there wouldn’t be any thorns to prick and hurt us. The soft petals of the rose would be a reminder of how beauty blooms through all seasons of life.