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My name is Lisa Montgomery, and this is my first blog to share with others the reason why I designed and created Infinite Links.   As a former corporate buyer, I saw a lot of fads going in and out of our stores.  I always wished there would be more classic products that never grow tired and out of date!  My goal is to capture the emotion of how we live our lives with meaning and purpose.  We celebrate births, birthdays, anniversary’s, weddings, happy and sad times in our life journey.  That’s why Infinite Links is classic and timeless.   From the beginning of our lives until the end, Infinite Links captures your life, your way.

My home decor line is versatile to remember those moments when we connect with those we love and care about.  Our Mission: To Connect, To Inspire, To Comfort, and To Heal…  We will also be donating to those charities that are close to our hearts..  Helping end Malaria, Breast Cancer, and NF diseases.