Blog Gift from God.002

Infinite Links captures the emotion of having children.  The excitement, the fears, the love, and the anticipations of responsibility becoming a new parent.  Having a baby is a Gift from God, and the joy the baby brings to the family is one of the greatest treasures of this life.  To hold, to help, to protect, to guide, to love.  To know when it is time to let go, so children can learn on their own, is a challenge.  I’m at the stage of letting go, but guiding to help them find their own way in life.  Teenagers need much guidance, but freedom to make some mistakes in order to learn and grow.  May you guide, protect and love the young as a parent, grandparent, or guardian for the children in your life.  Make their tomorrows full of hope and happiness.  The attached song is a tribute to my own children…”Let my love give you roots, and help you find your wings.”