The story of Infinite Links began with creativity, passion, faith, perseverance, hope, and a strong desire to help others.  Combining these ingredients was a “big bang” moment for my very small-scale universe.

In the beginning, my desire was to create a unique product that captures life’s meaning and depth.  Being a former corporate buyer, I was familiar with products that were trendy or hip, in one day, out the other.  I wanted something different – something timeless and classic, and something that connects us to each other with meaning and purpose.

The idea hit me early one morning, when I woke suddenly from a deep sleep.  I focused in on flowers, life events, and those keepsake photos we take of cherished memories.  Reflecting on this powerful experience, I prayed, walked one day at a time, and listened to the internal and external nudges that were given as gentle whispers.  Every time I read the bible’s passages about the alpha and the omega, my heart was tugged.  From this came Infinite Links, and I focused on life events.  From the beginning of our lives, throughout or lives, and at the end, we give flowers to loved ones, and receive them in return.  It was now time to begin.

The journey has been a combination of failures and success.  Roadblocks have been set up to steer me in another direction, or to patiently wait for the new road to appear.  Sometimes in waiting, we encounter storms in our lives.  These storms have changed me, helped me grow, and have guided me to a new level of awakening personally and spiritually.  These storms have helped me open up to others, share my life experiences, and help comfort and heal others during times of struggle and pain in their own lives.  Many of these stories I have already shared with you in my weekly blog on our website.

The gentle whispers come when the deep desire to help others is part of the mission.  Infinite Links aspires to help end Malaria, Breast Cancer, and Neurofibromatosis (NF) diseases.  With this personal drive to help others, new opportunities have recently appeared out of nowhere. Sometimes in our efforts to help others, we in turn are blessed when we least expect it.  I believe God is always working.  He asks us to surrender ourselves which is a tough thing to do, and let him work to fulfill our mission and purposes.  To inspire. To connect. To comfort. To heal.

Link to video: Infinite Links Meaning and Mission 

Infinite Links meaning and mission is shared in the one minute video link.  Thanks to FDI Floral Distributors for producing and taping the video. The video captures the essence of why the line was developed.  If you feel called to share with others, please do.