Do you ever wonder what stands behind a product or design?  The Infinity Design was created with a lot of meaning and detail for each curve, chain, link, cord of three, heart and double infinity.  In complex thought patterns of creation, keeping it simple is the key to understanding.

To begin, the double infinity cross with the heart in the middle is joining two people together in eternity with love.  It can be for mother’s and daughters, sister to sister, friend to friend, and so on.

The three chains represent people in the early stages of design and development.  They represent Tom, Brenda, and myself.  We were the cord that bonded together to ask others for feedback in the design stage, troubleshoot with China multiple times for the right design, colors, quality, and make certain all the components came together with vision/purpose/mission and meaning.  We symbolize the chains and diamonds.  The link or chains are three small links connecting to a much larger link, and the pattern repeating.   We all understood and still understand that united together we can be mighty and strong as one.  We can bring about a more caring and loving world today.  We can connect families and friends together with our personalized unique line.  Link together your families with a forever family sentiment, friends with forever friends, and remind others to believe in something much larger than ourselves.

Our logo, Infinite Links forever linking people together is part of our mission.  To unite hand in hand, link to link, and make our world a better place to live in.  Our complete line captures life – From the beginning of our lives until the end, Infinite Links captures your life, your way.

Revelation 22:13… I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.