If we were to make a heart filled with ingredients, what would the recipe be filled with? Hearts are a fickle thing…if wounded they tend to hang onto the hurt like it somehow justifies the pain, and we hang onto the pain as a stronghold ego that won’t release. Once we are able to look beyond the pain, we can finally open up our wounded hearts to forgiveness.

Forgiveness is like a doorway to freedom. It swings open to give our hearts the feeling of lightness, and swings back closed as we stumble to completely let forgiveness flow… Once we finally forgive, the doorway is revolving and always open. The doorway is never locked once our ingredients are stirred together to create love.

This love is filled with kindness even when others may not deserve it. This love is filled with grace as we look beyond the act and mask of the person who injured us. This love is filled with hope as we know the feeling of forgiveness as it releases the grip from our wounded heart. Our wounded heart may be broken, but the act of forgiveness bakes the pain away. Make a meal for someone you love, and remember the one ingredient that will make the meal always worth sharing…LOVE.