Are you a gardener of the heart? Do you understand the power of planting just one TINY little seed? Of course we don’t! We as people believe if we don’t get something right the first time to grow an abundant harvest of plenty, then we must not be doing it right… We must be failing, so why keep trying? For me, it is summed up in the ONE…

ONE inspiration sends a wave of hope to someone who needed it at the right moment in their life.

ONE connection leads to future opportunities to help someone in need.

ONE comforting hug could lead to healing in someone who is grieving or struggling.

ONE heart leads people to find something outside of themselves and to purpose.

ONE voice speaks truth to all those who are listening.

ONE teacher shows up when the student is ready to learn.

ONE love is wrapped in peace for the world to unite.

Plant a TINY seed today, let Mother Nature’s drops of rain give it a drink, and watch it grow into something of goodness in your life…