Do you ever wonder how many layers it takes to get someone to love in a healthy way?  When we begin our lives, we lack the painful layers that block our hearts to love.  As babies and children we trust, love, and haven’t had enough experience to build up any layers yet.  As we grow, like the onion, we begin to add layers around our heart.  Some of us have multiple layers, thicker layers, and stronger layers compared to others.  I define the layers as what you’ve gone through in your life.

If you’ve suffered a lot of loss in your life and many hardships, you tend to have more layers compared to someone who has been more fortunate.  When we suffer, we grow layers around our heart of unforgiveness, pain, and sometimes negativity.  Without healing and forgiveness our heart stays buried in the thick layered walls.  The layers act as a defense mechanism to keep more pain out of our lives.  We think if we protect our heart we won’t be hurt in the future.  Quite the opposite is true…if you begin to understand why you built up a layer, the easier it is to peal back the layer and expose it to healing.  Once we recognize our pain, our hurt, and our unforgiveness, we can begin to tear back all the layers that block our hearts to love.  When all the layers are gone, we can release what is holding us down, and reach out to those who have hurt us.  We can forgive those who may not deserve it, and begin to understand why others have layers around their hearts too.  We can help others peal back their pain and sorrow to free their heart from the walls that hold them down.   You can bear the burdens of your friends and family, but do them a favor – don’t carry their loads.  Pray for them instead.

I recently cut this onion to make cheese and onion omelets for my son and I.   We use a lot of onions in our house, and I’ve never had one with a heart in the middle before.  I wait for inspiration typically before I begin my blog each week, and this one spoke to me to share.  I’ve had layers around my heart too, but thanks to my faith, family and friends the layers have been pealed back and removed from my heart.

Matthew 11:28  Come to me who are heavy and laden, and I will give you rest.

No matter the pain and hurt, you can become flawless.  Powerful examples of others scars that may make one realize their onion layers aren’t that thick after all.    Examples in video/song from Mercy Me—Flawless…