As we travel down the highway of life, do you ever think about lines and the deeper meaning of them?  The white lines that cap the outside of the road to keep us from avoiding the ditch, the dash lines in the middle of the road to remind us to stay in our lane, and the 2 yellow lines that warn us it is dangerous to pass!

Sometimes as we travel down the highway, we are forced out of the steady flow of traffic into the danger passing lanes.  We may be looking for change or excitement in our lives, or we might just be tired of always living life in the safe zone between the white outside lines.   Once we veer into the crash lane, our straight lines become WAVY…we may experience hardship during these wavy times of our lives.  Unfortunately, to ride the wave and to create change brings hardship and pain at times.  If one can persevere through the tough times, they eventually discover the large crashing waves turn into soft gentle ripples of peace. 

The most significant line of all is the dash – line.  For any stranger can read on your tombstone: your name, the year you were born, and the year you went to heaven.  However, the dash in the middle is the most meaningful of all!  It symbolizes the years in between your beginning and end that were meant to be lived with passion, purpose, growth, and full of life!  Make your dash (-) line COUNT no matter how many years you live… life is meant to be LIVED!